How to Set a Timeout in DAQ Assistant Express VI

Updated Apr 4, 2023



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  • NI-DAQmx

I am using the DAQ Assistant Express VI to configure a triggered acquisition/generation task. Setting up the triggering operation is simple, but how do I specify a timeout?

The default setting of DAQ Assistant Express VI is 10 seconds, but you may change the Timeout in the following 2 ways:
  • Change this value in the Advanced Timing tab of the DAQ Assistant window.
  • You can programmatically set the timeout value using the Timeout (s) input of the DAQ Assistant .

Additional Information

Earlier versions of DAQmx (7.x) do not allow you to set a timeout value. Finite and continuous acquisitions/generation tasks have an infinite timeout, and single-point input/output has a 10 second timeout. If you need to set a timeout, either upgrade to a later version of DAQmx (8.x or later) or use the NI-DAQmx VIs. You can use the DAQmx Read VI to specify a timeout value.

Refer to the LabVIEW Help for the DAQ Assistant Express VI for more information. You can access the help for a VI by right-clicking it on the block diagram and selecting Help from the shortcut menu.