Stitching Lines From Line Scan Camera Into 2D Image In LabVIEW

Updated Mar 26, 2023

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  • line scan camera

Issue Details

  • How do I stitch together images I get from a line scan camera in LabVIEW to make a line image into a 2 dimensional image?  Do I need real time stitching?
  • Is there a benefit to using an FPGA frame grabber to stitch together an image from a line scan camera if there is no processing done on the FPGA?


The NI IMAQ driver will automatically stitch together a 2D (two dimensional) image for you and return the image to you instead of each line.  In LabVIEW, you define the height of your image, which will define the final 2D image size.

The only reason to use FPGA to read in each line is if you are doing image processing that can be done line by line and if you need the speed of the FPGA.