Archived:Multisim Touch Crashes on iOS 10

Updated Dec 13, 2021

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Reported In


  • Multisim Touch for iPad

Operating System

  • iOS


  • Apple iPad with iOS 10

Issue Details

 I am experiencing crashes when running Multisim Touch on iOS 10.


We are aware of an issue affecting the stability of Multisim Touch on iOS 10. Multisim Touch is no longer available from the App Store, though it will continue to work properly on iOS 9 and older versions. If you would like to use Multisim on iOS 10, please consider using Multisim Live, our open-Beta web-based schematic capture and simulation tool that is available on any platform. 

Addendum: Multisim Touch has reached End-of-Life status. It will no longer be available for purchase and download from the App Store, but will continue to function on devices where it is already installed.