How to Connect a Servo Motor with the AKD Servo Drive and NI 9514?

Updated Jan 14, 2019

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  • NI-9514
  • AKD-P00306-NBEC-0000
  • cRIO-9068

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I have purchased the AKD Servo drive, NI 9514 and cRIO 9068 from NI but I don't know how to connect my Servo Motor with the Servo Drive AKD-P00306-NBEC-0000 3A and NI 9514?


National Instruments offers several options for connecting the NI 9514 to servo drives. You can use the NI 9514/16 to AKD cable to connect the NI 9514 to the AKD analog servo drive and AKM series servo motors from NI. To connect to third-party servo drives use the NI 951x Cable and Terminal Block Bundle.

This means you have two ways to connect the module to the servo drive and motor:

1) All Kollmorgen AKM servo motors available from NI come pre-wired for direct connection to the AKD servo drive X2 motor connector and X10 feedback connector. In order to connect NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable to the C Series Module, you have to connect the MDR and DSUB connectors on the NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable (part number 781524-01) to the MDR and DSUB connectors on the C Series module as per below picture:  
Picture 1. NI 951x to AKD Drive Cable

The NI 9514/16 to AKD Drive Cable contains the following connections:
• DSUB Connector—15-pin DSUB connector containing drive command and drive enable signals.
• MDR Connector—20-pin MDR connector containing encoder, limit, home sensor, position compare, and position capture signals.
• X8 10-Pin Connector—10-pin connector containing the servo command, enable, and fault signals.
• X9 DSUB Connector—9-pin DSUB connector containing emulated encoder output signals from the AKD servo drive.
• X1 3-pin Connector—+24 V power supply connection for the AKD servo drive provided through the 20-pin screw terminal connector.
• Screw Terminal Connector—20-pin screw terminal connector for external I/O connections.

2) To connect to third-party servo drives use the NI 951x Cable and Terminal Block Bundle. In this case, the encoder of the motor should be directly connected to the MDR pins of the NI 9214 and the DSUB pins of the NI 9214 should be connected to the AKD Drive. Please refer to the below picture for more information on the NI 9514 37 pins assignments.
Picture 2. NI 9514 37-Pin Terminal Block Pin Assignments


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