Finding a TSN-Enabled Switch for Synchronizing NI TSN Devices

Updated Nov 30, 2023

Reported In


  • Industrial Controller
  • CompactRIO Controller
  • CompactDAQ Controller

Issue Details

I am using the Sync model of CompactDAQ (cDAQ), CompactRIO (cRIO), or Industrial Controller and am utilizing Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). I need to purchase Ethernet switches that are TSN-compatible to use in my network.


For applications requiring 802.1AS Time-Based synchronisation we would recommend cRIO-9805 Ethernet Switch Expansion Module. Further information on this switch can be found in the cRIO-9805 Specifications. This module can be used with layer 1 fiber to copper converters should you wish to use SFP ports for fiber optic cables. 

However, if you require support for other profiles such as IEEE 1588 or 802.1Qbv, NI recommends working with Cisco switches with our TSN-enabled devices. We recommend the model IE-4000-8GT4G-E as it is the best match for the standard NI offering.  You will need to ensure the network switch that you choose supports IEEE 802.1as PTP.  That is our current TSN capabilities on cDAQ and cRIO which the switch will need to perform to.

Additional Information

The IE-4000-8GT4G-El provides:
  • 12 GigE ports (4 can be used with fiber optic cables)
  • TSN support (time sync and scheduled flows) on all 12 ports
  • Industrial temp and shock ratings
  • 24V redundant DC power inputs
NI does not sell this switch directly, but it can be procured through standard Cisco channels. To find a distributor, use the Cisco Orders page. For more information and for questions on purchasing and using Cisco switches, please see the NI TSN Forum.

Once received, the firmware will need to be updated to the latest version in order to support TSN synchronization. Warning: There may be a charge for this firmware update. Contact Cisco for more information.
For details on selecting and installing the correct firmware for your switch, please see Installing Cisco IOS Software TSN Support on a Cisco IE4000 Switch.