DAQ Device or Module Does Not Appear in LabVIEW And/Or MAX

Updated Nov 6, 2018

Reported In


  • CompactDAQ Chassis


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)
  • LabVIEW


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am unable to interface with and configure my DAQ device or module using LabVIEW and/or National Instruments Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  
  • I can't see my DAQ chassis or module in MAX.  It is not detected, not recognized, or is missing.
  • I'm trying to use my DAQ device in a LabVIEW or VeriStand application (such as DAQ Assistant or FlexLogger), but it doesn't appear under available devices. However, I can see the device in NI MAX. See troubleshooting scenario Device Does Not Appear in LabVIEW but Appears in NI MAX.


For All Devices and Modules

  1. Confirm your device is powered on and connected to your computer
  2. Swap power supplies, different slots, power cycling, and reset my system
  3. Verify or update your driver
  4. Confirm that you have DAQmx installed and determine the version of NI-DAQmx already installed on your system. Check to see if the correct drivers are installed for your DAQ hardware by checking the readme for that version of NI-DAQmx. You can find some NI-DAQmx readme’s in NI Manuals, and the rest can be accessed through NI Downloads for NI-DAQmx
  5. If you have recently installed new NI software, drivers or hardware, restart your operating system (OS)
    • If you recently installed to a newer version of LabVIEW, try repairing the DAQmx driver through the Control Panel >> Uninstall a Program options. You will then to need restart your system
  6. With NI MAX open, start by to refresh the list of connected devices clicking View»Refresh to refresh the list of connected devices
  7. Check to see whether your DAQ device appears in Windows Device Manager. If it does not, make sure that the device is plugged in correctly, and check for any loose connections.  If using an NI USB DAQ device, also review the section below
  8. If your device or module does appear in Windows Device Manager, what category does it appear under?
    • If your device appears under Data Acquisition Devices, verify the NI Device Loader service is started. See flow chart for additional information
    • If your device appears under a different category, complete one, or both, of the following procedures:
      1. Right-click on the device and uninstall it in Device Manager. Then, restart the computer and let the device's software install automatically
      2. Or, manually associate the device with the appropriate drivers
  9. Check to ensure that the NI Device Loader service is running
  10. This problem might also be related only to MAX software. Refer to Why Do I Get a Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) Database Connection Error? for further troubleshooting steps.  You may need to reset your MAX Database
  11. If you are using a MXI or MXIe connection review the MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide

For USB DAQ Devices

Device Does Not Appear in LabVIEW but Appears in NI MAX

NI MAX may be reserving the cDAQ device or modules. This means that you can't access them in any other software applications.

  1. In NI MAX, under Devices and Interfaces, select your device
  2. Unreserve the resource to allow the device to be accessed by other LabVIEW applications
For more information on resource reservation, read Additional Information in article Resolving NI-DAQmx Error -50103 in LabVIEW

    Additional Information

    Additional Troubleshooting Steps

    • Connect your DAQ device to another computer. Make sure this computer has the correct drivers installed
    • If you have another DAQ device that is connecting correctly, then try using it on this same computer to see if the issue persists with the computer or with the device
    • Lastly, if the steps provided do not fix the issue you can try repairing your DAQ Device Driverperforming a force reinstall, or installing a compatible, more recent version of the driver
    • Make sure you have the Devices and Interfaces section expanded, along with all of your chassis expanded to have all modules showing

    Ensure that you have the correct DAQmx driver software. You can check this in NI MAX under the software tab. You should see the following three:

    *Note: Your driver may not be version 18.1.
    If you do not have all three of these, please reinstall DAQmx.


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