Are the FieldDAQ or Any CompactDAQs or CompactRIOs Rated for High/Low Pressure Environments?

Updated Jun 1, 2020

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  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • CompactRIO Chassis

Issue Details

I'd like to use a cDAQ, FieldDAQ or cRIO in a vacuum or very high/low pressure environment. I noticed that there are various CompactDAQs and CompactRIOs with different environmental and temperature ratings. Is the FieldDAQ, or any CompactDAQs or CompactRIOs rated for vacuum or very high/low pressure use? 


CompactDAQ, FieldDAQ and CompactRIO devices are currently not tested, rated, or specified for high/low pressure environments. Most cDAQ, FieldDAQ and cRIO devices do have an altitude specification. NI recommends the cDAQ, FieldDAQ or cRIO is used within the pressures expected in the altitude range specified by the device. Although you may have success with the device at altitudes higher than the specification or very high pressure environments, the performance of the device in those environments is not warranted by NI.