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Which VIs are Installed with NI-IMAQ and Vision Acquisition Software?

Updated Oct 18, 2022

Reported In


  • Vision Acquisition Software March 2010

Issue Details

Which VIs are available in LabVIEW if I install the NI-IMAQ drivers without also installing the Vision Development Module?


NI-IMAQ, part of the Vision Acquisition Software driver package, installs VIs that allow for high-level and low-level camera control, as well as some non-driver VIs for image handling, managing images and saving them to disk, displaying images, and adding overlays. A full list of VIs installed with the NI-IMAQ 4.3 drivers is provided below. All VIs are found under the Vision (or Vision & Motion) palette. A full list can also be obtained by choosing Help»NI-IMAQ VI Reference... in LabVIEW.
  • NI-IMAQ Palette
    • IMAQ Bayer Color Decode
    • IMAQ Close
    • IMAQ Create Bayer LUT
    • IMAQ Grab Acquire
    • IMAQ Grab Setup
    • IMAQ Init
    • IMAQ Sequence
    • IMAQ Snap
    • Property Node
    • Camera Control Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ Get Camera Attribute
      • IMAQ Serial Read
      • IMAQ Serial Read Bytes
      • IMAQ Serial Write
      • IMAQ Set Camera Attribute
    • Low-Level Acquisition Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ Configure Buffer
      • IMAQ Configure List
      • IMAQ Copy Acquired Buffer
      • IMAQ Extract Buffer
      • IMAQ Fit ROI
      • IMAQ Get Buffer
      • IMAQ Set User LUT
      • IMAQ Start
      • IMAQ Status
      • IMAQ Stop
    • Signal I/O Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ Configure Trigger3
      • IMAQ Generate Pulse3
      • IMAQ Occurrence Config2
      • IMAQ Reset Encoder Position
      • IMAQ Trigger Drive2
      • IMAQ Trigger Read2
      • IMAQ Trigger Route2
      • IMAQ Wait Signal2
  • Vision Express Palette
    • Vision Acquisition Express
  • Vision Utilities Palette
    • Color Utilities Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ ColorImageToArray
        IMAQ ArrayToColorImage**
    • External Display Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ ConstructROI
      • IMAQ GetPalette
      • IMAQ WindBackground
      • IMAQ WindClose
      • IMAQ WindDisplayMapping
      • IMAQ WindDraw
      • IMAQ WindEraseROI
      • IMAQ WindGetROI
      • IMAQ WindGrid
      • IMAQ WindLastEvent
      • IMAQ WindMove
      • IMAQ WindNonTearing
      • IMAQ WindROIColor
      • IMAQ WindSetROI
      • IMAQ WindSetup
      • IMAQ WindShow
      • IMAQ WindSize
      • IMAQ WindToolsClose
      • IMAQ WIndToolsMove
      • IMAQ WindToolsSelect
      • IMAQ WindToolsSetup
      • IMAQ WindToolsShow
      • IMAQ WindZoom
    • Files Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ GetFileInfo
      • IMAQ Load Image Dialog
      • IMAQ Read Image and Vision Info
      • IMAQ ReadFile
      • IMAQ Write File 2
      • IMAQ Write String
      • AVI Sub-Palette
        • IMAQ AVI Close
        • IMAQ AVI Create
        • IMAQ AVI Get Filter Names
        • IMAQ AVI Get Info
        • IMAQ AVI Open
        • IMAQ AVI Read Frame
        • IMAQ AVI Write Frame
    • Image Management Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ Create
      • IMAQ Dispose
      • IMAQ Flatten Image Options
      • IMAQ Flatten Image to String
      • IMAQ Get Custom Keys
      • IMAQ GetImageInfo
      • IMAQ GetImageSize
      • IMAQ Image Bit Depth
      • IMAQ Read Custom Data
      • IMAQ Remote Display Options
      • IMAQ Remove Custom Data
      • IMAQ SetImageSize
      • IMAQ Write Custom Data
    • Overlay Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ Clear Overlay
      • IMAQ Copy Overlay
      • IMAQ Merge Overlay
      • IMAQ Overlay Arc
      • IMAQ Overlay Bitmap
      • IMAQ Overlay Line
      • IMAQ Overlay Multiple Lines
      • IMAQ Overlay Oval
      • IMAQ Overlay Points
      • IMAQ Overlay Rectangle
      • IMAQ Overlay ROI
      • IMAQ Overlay Text
      • IMAQ Read Image and Vision Info
      • IMAQ Write Image and Vision Info
      • IMAQ Get Overlay Properties
      • IMAQ Set Overlay Properties
    • Pixel Manipulation Sub-Palette
      • IMAQ ImageToArray**
      • IMAQ ArrayToImage**
    • Vision RT
      • IMAQ RT Video Out
      • IMAQ Video Out Display
      • IMAQ Remote Display Options

**These VI's were added to Vision Acquisition Software as of driver version 2010.

Additional Information

Note: None of the VIs that are exclusively associated with the NI-IMAQdx driver (which is also a part of Vision Acquisition Software) are listed above. If the NI-IMAQdx driver is installed, it will create an NI-IMAQdx palette within the Vision (or Vision & Motion) palette  

For more information on saving an acquired image, please see Save NI-IMAQ Images Without Using Vision Development Module. If you do not wish to create your own image processing functions which operate on IMAQ images which have been converted into arrays, the National Instruments Vision Development Module provides high-level machine vision and image processing functions.