TestStand Migration Unable to Load the XML Report

Updated Oct 30, 2017

Reported In


  • TestStand 3.5
  • TestStand 2014

Issue Details

  • When migrating from TestStand 3.5 to TestStand 2014, I am getting error on generating test Report
  • At line 377 End tag 'B' does not match the start tag 'LI'. The test report has .xml extension on the new TestStand 2014 report output, the TestStand 3.5 output an .html file


  • There is a mismatch between report format between the old and new TestStand environment
  • Select the HTML Document format instead of XML Document

Additional Information

  • During TestStand migration it is important to note environment options like report format
  • For better results there are migration utilities built for TestStand that may make the transition easier


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