Use NI-926x AO (Analog Output) as a Source For NI 5782 TRIG Input

Updated May 1, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9263
  • NI-9264
  • NI-9265
  • NI-9269
  • NI-5782

Issue Details

Is it possible to use pulse signal from NI-926x analog output as a start trigger signal for NI 5782 module?


You can use NI-926x analog output as NI 5782 TRIG input . Use corresponding scheme from listed below. 

Sch.1 Single ended connection

Sch.2 Differential connection

Additional Information

Main restriction here is a maximum output current for NI-926x modules. You can calculate Output Current as Output Voltage / Input Impedance.
Input impedance of NI-5782 TRIG input as height as 10 kOhm, therefore it save to use low current modules as a trigger source.

Note: Do not connect NI-926x Analog Output directly to NI 5782 Analog Input. It may cause current overload  

If you need to use NI-926x as a trigger source for other equipment, make sure that it has input impedance height enough to prevent current overload. You can find maximum output current of your module in product specification.


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