Scan Devices Failed 0x80054A84 Running CANopen Utilities Online Test Panels

Updated Apr 30, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-9881
  • cRIO-9030

Issue Details

When I run CANopen Utilities>>Online Test Panel I get the message:
Scan devices failed with status code: 0x80054A84

I am trying to connect to a CANopen module (NI 9881) in my cRIO using a blank project. 


Follow these steps to resolve this issue:
  • Connect the power supply to CANopen module
  • Update the CANopen modules firmware. See How Do I Modify the Firmware on My NI 9881 CANopen C Series Module?
  • Create a LabVIEW Project and add the cRIO and CANopen module. Add some dummy/example FPGA code. The Status LED on the module should now light up
  • Connect all CANopen transceivers and terminate the bus
Your CANopen FPGA code must be running when you attempt to connect to the CANopen module via the CANopen Utilities>>Online Test Panel.


Additional Information

If there is no device connected to the CANopen module, it is common to see this error. 
It is also common if there is no FPGA VI deployed to the cRIO in the LabVIEW Project.
Also ensure you have the CANopen driver installed.