Archived:Can I Use a PXI/PCI-4060 with Windows 7/8/10?

Updated Jan 15, 2020

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Reported In


  • PCI-4060
  • PXI-4060


  • NI-DMM

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

  • Can I use my legacy  PXI/PCI-4060 on a Windows 7/8/10 operating system?
  • Can I use a PXI/PCI-4060 with recent versions of the NI-DMM driver?
  • My PXI/PCI-4060 is not recognized properly as NI hardware in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX); it shows up as a generic PCI Device.


The PCI/PXI-4060 digital multimeter (DMM) card is built on legacy Traditional DAQ technology which is not supported under Windows 7/8/10. Therefore the card shows up in NI MAX as a generic PCI Device instead of NI hardware and it will not work in this state.

The last NI-DMM driver version that supports the PCI-4060 is NI-DMM 15.2 , with this version the card is supported under Windows XP SP3 but not supported under newer operating systems

NI-DMM 16.0 or later versions do not support the PCI/PXI-4060 card under any operating system.

Additional Information

  • The Readme file of all NI hardware drivers contains a section "Supported Hardware" that contains a list of products compatible with the specific driver version.
  • The Readme file is available on the Download page of the driver or from the Start menu after installation.