National Instruments Hardware Repair or Calibration

Updated Dec 17, 2018

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Information in this document applies to all National Instruments hardware repairs.

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I need to return my National Instruments hardware for repair or calibration. How do I begin the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process?


Return for Calibration or Repair/Replacement
  1. Go to the Service Request Manager.
  2. Fill out your product information in the provided fields.
  3. In the Support Type field, select Calibrate hardware or Return or repair hardware.
  4. Click through the Possible Solutions tab into Additional Details and select Phone or Email in the Support Channels drop down.  
  5. Fill in the remaining fields on the Additional Details tab.  You will need the serial number of the hardware.
    • The serial number is a 6 or 7 character hexidecimal code usually on a sticker with a bar code

Additional Information

If the device is not working correctly or giving bad readings, please follow these instructions:
  1. Troubleshoot the problem using these tips and the resources available on the product specific support pages at
    • Hardware Installation and Configuration Problems:
      • Sometimes sound cards and network cards cause resource conflicts with other hardware. If you have one (or both) of these types of cards in your computer, try removing them to see if the NI device works without other cards competing for resources. If the NI device works at this point, then narrow down which of the other boards is causing the conflict. You may need to change the base address, interrupt request line (IRQ) or direct memory access (DMA) channel settings of each device to resolve resource conflicts between the hardware.
      • Install the NI device in another computer to see if it will work. Remember to install the driver software first. If a version of the driver is already installed and you want to upgrade or reinstall, be sure to uninstall the older version before installing a new one.
      • Refer to the Hardware Installation Wizard linked below for additional troubleshooting advice.
    • Incorrect Measurements:
      • Are you able to measure the output from a fresh battery (or other constant voltage source)? Does it give correct readings? This will help determine if the NI Device or the external connections are the source of the problem.
      • If you have signal conditioning hardware, try to pinpoint the source of the problem. Troubleshoot the data acquisition hardware alone first. Refer to the Getting Started with SCXI User Manual and the Module User Manuals for jumper settings and configuration information. Make sure there are no bent pins and that the chassis is powered on. Refer to the KnowledgeBases linked below to troubleshoot SCXI problems.
  2. If you have not solved the problem at this point, it is best to troubleshoot with a National Instruments Applications Engineer through phone or email support by following the above steps. 
For questions about the RMA process (i.e. arranging shipping) or if you are not able to create a ticket online, you should contact National Instruments directly.

Notes on Device Calibration:
When any device is sent in to be repaired, a standard factory calibration will also be performed on the device after it has been repaired and before it is returned to its owner. If you require a detailed calibration certificate, or if your device requires a more extensive calibration, you may be able to purchase a more thorough device calibration at an additional cost. For more information see the calibration services that we offer here .