Error -88705 When DAQ Device Is Not Detected in NI MAX

Updated Dec 28, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactDAQ Chassis
  • cRIO-9047


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

My NI device is not correctly recognized in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX). I see the following behavior: 
  • The module is shown with a red X icon in NI MAX
  • The module Settings window shows the following message:
Status Code: -88705, The specified device is not present or is not active in the system. The device may not be installed on this system, may have been unplugged, or may not be installed correctly. 
  • I also see this error when I run a self-test on the device
  • All other modules connected to the cDAQ chassis are correctly detected and working.
  • This specific module works when connected to another cDAQ chassis.


In order to troubleshoot the problem, try the following steps below:

General Troubleshooting steps:
  • Refresh NI MAX by going to View >> Refresh
  • Power-cycle the system. This error is sometimes reported if the computer has not been restarted after the installation of an NI driver. Please try restarting your computer.
  • The NI Device Loader Windows Service (nidevldu) and/or NI Configuration Manager Service is not running, please start these services as described here. If the NI Device Loader still does not start automatically after restarting the computer, you can try to uninstall all antivirus software on your computer and restart again. 
  • Occasionally, the NI MAX database can become corrupted due to a software install/update or other events impacting the registry files owned by NI MAX. Reset the database, restart your computer and devices, and try again
  • Upgrade NI-DAQmx driver to the last available version, compatible with your LabVIEW version
  • Uninstall and reinstall the NI-DAQmx driver, then restart the computer.
  • Windows may have associated the wrong driver with your device. You can manually set the driver that Windows associates with your device.
  • Make sure you are not exceeding the maximum working voltage for your device.
  • Check if your C Series module is supported in your cDAQ chassis
  • Find the software support required for your C Series module and cDAQ chassis. Cross-reference it with the software already installed on your system
  • If your cDAQ is USB try another cable. 
  • Check if other C Series modules are correctly recognized in the same cDAQ slot. Additionally, if you are using a USB device, this particular cause can be fixed by unplugging and re-plugging the device.
  • Check for debris in the CompactDAQ male connector with to the module (located in the backplane). Clean the female connector in the module which connects to the chassis (you can use compressed air for this purpose).
  • Uninstall and reinstall all NI software. 

Additional Steps for Network Devices
  • Try unreserving the chassis and reserving it again.
  • For network devices, if the CompactDAQ and its modules have been working before, the Status Code: -88705 can also appear if the PC and the CompactDAQ have not been switched on/off in the correct order. Most importantly: if the PC is switched off, make sure that the CompactDAQ is switched on and connected to the network before switching on the PC. If the CompactDAQ remains disconnected from the network when the PC switches on, the device is not reachable and red cross icons appear next to the chassis and the modules in NI MAX. To re-establish a connection with the modules, make sure that the CompactDAQ is connected and then reset the device to clear the error. 
Additional Steps for NI-DAQmx compatible compactRIO (cRIO) controllers
  • This can happen by a corrupted installation of the NI-DAQmx driver on your target. You can format the cRIO to fix this error.