Initialize DAQ Card in NI MAX

Updated Oct 19, 2017

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  • NI-DAQmx


NI-DAQ, Third-Party Software

Issue Details

When I was using older DAQ software from NI, I was able to initialize a device from the Test Automation software while configuring my system. Now, I have upgraded to the newer NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (NI MAX) and I no longer see the Initialize option. How can I initialize my device?


Reset from NI MAX (this can be found from selecting the device along the top menu in the main window) will abort all active tasks, disconnect all routes, and return the device to an initialized state. The¬†terminals and output channels will be set to the states described in this link:¬†‚ÄčInitialized States for Terminals and Output Channels.

Additional Information

The older NI "Traditional DAQ", or tDAQ (NI-DAQ) software, has significant differences from the more current NI-DAQmx software. Initialize as defined in the older tDAQ software may not be the same as the initialized state that NI-DAQmx sets for a device after Reset is triggered. If you are interfacing with third-party software that requires an older DAQ driver, make sure you get the version of the DAQ driver that the third-party software was intended to work with.


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