PXI/PXIe MXI-Express Card LED Red or Amber

Updated Mar 30, 2023

Reported In


  • MXI Cable
  • PXI Remote Control Module
  • Device for PXI Remote Control

Issue Details

When I connect my PXI(e) system together with MXI-Express hardware, the PWR (power) LED, LINK LED, or PWR/LINK LED on my PXI(e) MXI-Express card is not green as expected. Instead, I see one of the following LED behaviors: 
  • Blinking or solid red
  • Solid amber
  • Off


The description of the LED behavior of the PXI(e) MXI-Express card will depend on your specific device model. Refer to the user manual for your MXI-Express controller to determine the LED description, then follow the troubleshooting steps below depending on the case.

No Power 

  • Make sure the PXI(e) MXI-Express card is securely seated in the PXI(e) chassis.

Power is out of spec


Power is within spec; no link to chassis/link not established


LINK LED on the MXI card is solid red

  • This means there is an internal hardware error where the bridge cannot connect to the SMBus, even when the cable is connected. Contact NI Support .