Obtaining UUT Information From Within a Client Sequence File

Updated Dec 22, 2022



  • TestStand

I would like to obtain information about the UUT (Unit-Under-Test), such as serial number, test socket index, and so on. Under which property is this information stored?

By default, UUT information is stored within the process model as a local variable called UUT. To view and use this property, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Set a breakpoint within your client sequence file
  2. Execute the sequence using one of the process model Execution entry points, such as Test UUTs or Single Pass.
  3. When your execution stops at the breakpoint, select the Variables tab and navigate to RunState.Root.Locals.UUT. The UUT property contains a number of subproperties such as SerialNumber, UUTLoopIndex, CriticalFailureStack, BatchSerialNumber, and TestSocketIndex, which store information about the UUT. 

  1. If you want to use one of these properties from within your client sequence file, copy the RunState.Root.Locals.UUT.SerialNumber property path to the Windows clipboard by right-clicking the desired property and select Copy
  2. When execution ends and you return to edit mode, you can paste the property within an expression contained in your client sequence file to set or get the property value.

Additional Information

This is a dynamic property that is only populated when you are executing a client sequence file that uses one of the default process models.

This value can then be passed to LabVIEW by adding a Pass/Fail Test with a Pre-Expression that checks that the SerialNumber isn't blank, and a Post-Expression that set a local variable to SerialNumber.