Installation Order for NI RF Software - RFSA/ RFSG/ RF Toolkits

Updated Oct 6, 2021

Reported In


  • Modulation Toolkit 4.3.3
  • Spectral Measurements Toolkit 2.6



Issue Details

Is there an order I must follow when installing RF software, including NI-RFSG, NI-RFSA, and the RF toolkits? After installation, where are the examples located for each driver and toolkit?


The current recommended order of installation is:  
  1. LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, and other supported IDEs
  2. NI-RFSG, NI-RFSA, Modulation Toolkit, & Spectral Measurements Toolkit (in no particular order)
  3. RF Standard-specific Toolkits 

Additional Information

NI does recommend a specific installation order for NI RF software. The NI-RFSA and NI-RFSG drivers should be installed after all supported integrated development environments (IDEs) have been installed on the system. This includes LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Studio, etc. The driver checks and determine which IDEs are on the system to determine which examples and other modules need to be installed.

RF Standard Toolkits must be installed after Modulation Toolkit, and Spectral Measurements Toolkit. Modulation Toolkit (as of version 4.3.3) and Spectral Measurements Toolkit (as of version 2.6.7) does not have to be installed after the NI drivers.

You may go to Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments and then find the folder for the analysis or generation portions of each toolkit which will have a link to the same example locations.

Examples can also be found in LabVIEW by clicking Help >> Find Examples and then searching for desired RF examples.