Error -1073807360 Occurs when Using VISA and LabVIEW

Updated Jul 24, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Full



Issue Details

  • I am trying to run a VI calling VISA functions that control a third party instrument. Once I run the VI the second time, I get the error code -1073807360 and an error message. 
  • I am trying to use VISA commands on my Real-Time Host. The functionality works the first time I run the program, but not the second time. An error message is returned the second time I run the program: 
Error -1073807360 occured at Property Node (arg 1) in>



This error can result from not closing VISA references before exiting the VI. Even if you do not explicitly open a VISA reference, one is created whenever a read or write is performed. To avoid this error perform the following steps:
  1. Explicitly open all VISA references in your VI.
  2. Explicitly close all VISA references in your VI.
  3. Avoid halting execution with the abort button, because this will leave all the references open.