MXI Device is Missing or Incorrect in NI-MAX

Updated Nov 13, 2018

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  • PCIe-8381
  • PXIe-8301
  • PXIe-1073
  • PXI Remote Control Module
  • Device for PXI Remote Control
  • PXIe-8360
  • PXIe-8381


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

  • I've plugged in my PXI chassis to my computer using a MXI or MXIe interface and I cannot see the device in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX).
  • I have multiple cards in my PXI chassis but I cannot see all of them in NI MAX. My chassis is using a MXI interface to connect to my host PC.
  • All the modules in my PXI chassis have a red "X" next to them and the PWR/LINK light on my MXI controller card is a solid yellow or amber color.
  • I am unplugging and plugging the MXI in and my PXI(e) slots duplicate. 


There are several steps you can try if you can't see your devices in MAX:
  1. Ensure there is a PXI card in the chassis (other than the MXI controller card) for your computer to communicate with1.
  2. Boot the system in the correct order. Note: If the system is not booted in the correct order, the controller card's PWR/LINK LED will typically show a yellow or amber light.
    1. Connect the PXI and the PCI MXI cards together with the supplied cable
    2. Power on the PXI chassis
    3. Power on your PC
    4. Open NI MAX and expand Devices and Interfaces to see if your MXI device has been listed

  3. Make sure the correct device drivers are installed
    1. Open NI MAX and expand the Software tab

    2. Ensure NI PXI Platform Services is installed            

    3. If PXI Platform Services is not installed, download and install the driver from the NI website without the PCI MXI card installed. ​​
  4. Force Windows to re-detect the PCI MXI card2
    1. Power off your computer and PXI chassis
    2. Remove the PCI MXI card from the computer
    3. Power on the computer until the computer has fully loaded into the user account and then shutdown again 
    4. Re-install the PCI MXI card into the computer
    5. Refer to step 2 to boot the system in the correct order
  5. Try the PCI card in every slot of your computer
  6. If possible, try using a different computer
  7. ​If you have attempted the previous steps and your device is still not showing up in NI MAX, then see The MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide

Additional Information

The term MXI is used throughout this article to refer to both MXI and MXIe (MXI Express) devices.

1 For step 1: MXI is a hidden bridge and will not be seen if connected to an empty PXI chassis, so you have to have some PXI card in the chassis before you would see it in NI MAX.

For step 4: If the PXI Platform Services driver is not installed, Windows may assign the MXI card an incorrect driver and make it appear as another device (for example a Keyboard). Re-detecting the MXI card can fix this.


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