Error -63044 and Blinking Status Light on RIO Target

Updated May 9, 2018

Issue Details

I'm trying to run a LabVIEW project on a NI RIO target (CompactRIO, sbRIO, myRIO), but I'm seeing Error -63044, NI-RIO:  (Hex 0xFFFF09BC) The RIO server could not be found on the specified remote device. Ensure that NI-RIO software is installed and that the RIO server is running and properly configured. The Status light on the target is blinking.


The Status light should be lit on your RIO target during the power up state, then turn off for normal operation. If the status light is blinking, the RIO is in a state that can't run code successfully. There are multiple errors that could occur. These are characterized by the number of times the Status light blinks in a row. Check the manual for your specific device for specific steps, and Reset or Reinstall software to your target as necessary. If the Status light is constantly flashing or solid for more than a few seconds, contact National Instruments support.


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