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SCXI-1349 Compatibility with NI 63xx X Series DAQ

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • SCXI-1349

Issue Details

The SCXI-1349 product page and documentation state that it is to be used with NI 60xxE E Series (and SH68-68-EP cable) and NI 62xx M Series (and SHC68-68-EPM cable). The product page and documentation do not mention NI 63xx X Series data acquisition devices. Is the SCXI-1349 compatible with X Series DAQ devices and modules?


Yes, the SCXI-1349 is compatible with NI 63xx X Series DAQ devices using theĀ SHC68-68-EPM cable. The documentation for the SCXI-1349 does not mention X Series because it was written before the release of X Series devices and modules. The SHC68-68-EPM cable has the appropriate connections for X Series DAQ and DAQ accessories (including the SCXI-1349 for connecting to SCXI systems).