NI-SCOPE Runtime Installation Error When Installing May 2017 Software Suite

Updated Oct 7, 2019

Issue Details

Why do I get an error when I try to install my National Instruments software?

When I try to install my software package or bundle, I get the following error:
“The installation cannot proceed for the following reason. Please correct the problem and try again.” 

"A newer version of an NI-SCOPE Runtime is installed on your system. To install this NI-SCOPE Runtime, uninstall all NI-SCOPE Runtimes before running this installation. To install a newer version of this NI-SCOPE Runtime, use a version of this installer that matches the version of the NI-SCOPE Runtimes installed on your system.” 


You can solve this problem using any of the following methods:
  • Follow the error dialog instructions and uninstall all versions of NI-SCOPE on the system, and then proceed with the installation.
  • Download the updated version of the May 2017 Driver DVD that includes a fix for this issue.
  • Contact NI Sales to request an updated May 2017 Driver DVD.
  • Contact NI Support to request the creation of USB media with an updated image of the May 2017 Driver DVD.
  • Use Driver DVD media with a version later than May 2017.
  • Use LabVIEW Platform media version 2017 SP1 or later.

Additional Information

This error will block installation of the following versions of NI-SCOPE when a newer version of the NI-SCOPE Runtime is detected on the system:

• NI-SCOPE 16.1
• NI-SCOPE 17.0
• NI-SCOPE 17.0.1
• NI-SCOPE 17.1
• NI-SCOPE 17.1.1 

It will also occur when installing software from the May 2017 Driver DVD or the LabVIEW 2017 Platform USB.


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