Error -1074396080 at IMAQ Threshold

Updated Oct 10, 2018

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  • NI-IMAQdx

Issue Details

I am using IMAQ functions and IMAQdx functions to read an image from my camera, and am receiving this error:  

Error -1074396080 occured at IMAQ Threshold.
Possible reason(s):
IMAQ Vision: Invalid image type.

I am trying to do particle analysis on multiple images and after modifying the Particle Orientation from the Example Finder I am now receiving the error below.


You will get an:

Invalid image type error

This error can occur in circumstances when Image types do not match. 

For example, this error occurs when using the incorrect type of thresholding VI for the specific image type.

It is important to remember the following while performing particle analysis:

  1. If you have a colored image, you need to use IMAQ Color before you do particle analysis.
  2. If you have a monochrome image you need to use IMAQ before you do particle analysis.
  3. If you have a color image and IMAQ then you need to use IMAQ to convert the 16 bit image to a 8 bit image before performing thresholding using the IMAQ

Color Image Thresholding VI Snippet: 

Greyscale Image Thresholding VI Snippet:

You may also receive this error when using a different image type from your IMAQdx and the IMAQ In order to make sure that you are using the same image type, use the IMAQ Cast Casting the image to the same type will ensure compatibility between your IMAQdx camera image and your IMAQ Image functions. 




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