Finding Server Name and Computer ID in NI Volume License Manager

Updated Jun 7, 2019

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  • Volume License Manager
  • NI License Manager

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I am using NI Volume License Manager (VLM) to manage my licenses. I need to send my server name, computer ID, and service ID to to get my agreement license file, but I do not know what my server name or computer ID are. How can I find this?


To find your server name on a computer running NI VLM:
  • Right-click on Computer
  • Select Properties
  • Locate the text next to Computer Name
To find your Computer ID and server name within NI Volume License Manager and NI License Manager:
NI License Manager
Refer to this Article: How Can I Find My Computer ID?

NI Volume License Manager 3.x and later
You can find your computer name, computer ID, and service ID, all within the General Information field on the Status tab of VLM 3.X.

Volume License Manager VLM Status General Information Name ID Company

NI Volume License Manager 2.x and earlier
From the menu bar of NI Volume License Manager, select Options » Display Computer Information. Your license server name and computer ID will appear as follows:

Volume License Manager VLM Computer Information Name ID


Additional Information

Your computer ID is based upon the MAC address of your server's network device or hard drive serial number. Make sure your network hardware is installed before determining your computer ID. 

Your server name is also the Windows name that identifies your computer on the network.

Sometimes you will also need to reference your service ID. Your Service ID is a unique identifier for your agreement with National Instruments. If you have a new Volume License Agreement (VLA), you can find the Service ID on your Sales Order Acknowledgement (SOA). If you already have a VLA, you can find the Service ID within the NI Volume License Manager (3.0 and later).