Finding Support for My NI VeriStand Custom Device

Updated Jul 15, 2019

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I am using a custom device in NI Veristand and am seeing an error or unexpected behavior. I went through this document , however I need additional support troubleshooting an error or unexpected behavior in my custom device. Who should I contact?


There are a wide range of custom devices, each with different available support resources. Please see the below list for more information on your specific custom device:

Was the Custom Device shipped with NI VeriStand or installed by an NI Toolkit?
Custom Devices shipped with NI VeriStand or installed with any NI Toolkit are directly supported by National Instruments support. These custom devices are as follows:
Custom DeviceInstalled With
Embedded Data Logger VeriStand 
XCP/CCP MasterECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit
Electric Motor SimulationElectric Motor Simulation Toolkit
Pickering 40-295 or Lambda Genesys DC Power Supply VeriStand 2014 and earlier. *

*Note: For more information on support for these custom devices in NI VeriStand 2015 or later, please see Changes to NI VeriStand 2015 and Newer Shipping Custom Devices as well as the GitHub® section below.

Was the Custom Device downloaded from the VeriStand Community or GitHub®?
Custom Devices downloaded from the VeriStand Community or GitHub are not directly supported by National Instruments. Some of the commonly used not supported custom devices are listed below: The table below lists the custom devices that are currently hosted on the NI VeriStand Add-ons repository on GitHub® and are supported by National Instruments.
Custom DeviceRepository Link
Scan Engine and Ethercat Github (supported after  VeriStand 2016)
Engine Simulation Toolkit Github 
SLSC 12201Github

If you are looking to download the Custom Device from the GitHub repository, the supported custom devices have NI packages (*.nipkg) built in the Release tab. To install it you just need to execute that package file and the NI Package Manager will run the installation for you.

Custom Devices downloaded from the public NI VeriStand Add-onsrepository on GitHub®  that are not on the table above,are not directly supported by National Instruments and should be considered third party code. All errors or odd behavior with a custom device downloaded from GitHub® should be investigated by the user. More assistance on troubleshooting your custom device can be found at Troubleshooting NI VeriStand Custom Devices.

Was the Custom Device created by a third party?
Custom Devices created by a third party are not directly supported by National Instruments. Custom device creation can be challenging, but there are several resources that can provide assistance along the way: For any errors or odd behavior you are experiencing, see the following: If you need further assistance finding resources on your custom device or understanding the custom device framework, please contact National Instruments support.

For assistance that goes beyond the typical scope of NI technical support, such as code reviews or custom device solutions, we have an NI Alliance Partner Network who can help.