GPIB/VXI Device Not Recognized on PC

Updated Oct 21, 2017

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Issue Details

I have a VXI chassis that I am connecting to my Windows PC with a GPIB-VXI/C (or third-party VXI) module. When I plug in the device, I am unable to view or access the VXI chassis via NI MAX or LabVIEW.


When connecting to a VXI chassis via a GPIB device, you must ensure that the drivers are already installed in a particular order. If there was a previous installation (in an unknown order), it may be worthwhile uninstalling and reinstalling in the following order:
  1. NI-VISA (5.4.1 and up, but ensure OS compatibility first)
  2. NI-VXI (newest version your OS is compatible with)
    • Ensure that legacy support for VISA is selected during the install. This is not enabled by default:​
If the drivers have already been installed in the correct order, but without legacy support enabled, you can retroactively Modify the VXI driver installation via Windows Control Panel to enable it.

Additional Information

This has been known to work on both Windows 7 and 10, but other operating systems may not have similar behavior.

Note: Any third-party GPIB/VXI devices will need to have their corresponding drivers installed as well.


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