TestStand Deployment Asking for Full Development License

Updated May 8, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When opening my Sequence File in an Operator Interface with a Deployment License, TestStand asked for a Full Development License instead.

I have one of the following scenarios:

  • In TestStand, I have created a new deployment with the LabVIEW Full Featured Operator Interface (OI). It builds successfully, but when I go to install it and run it on my deployment machine, I get an error saying that I do not have the correct license, even though I have the Base Deployment License. Why is this happening? 
  • I have created a new deployment with the Simple Operator Interface, but get an error that I do not have the correct license when loading a specific sequence file. 


Each bullet point below correspond to the each of the scenarios above.
  • TestStand Operator Interfaces must have a license that allows editing to run in Editor Mode. The mode in which a TestStand OI runs in is determined by the ApplicationMgr.IsEditor property. The default value of this property can be set by right clicking the Application Manager Control and choosing Property Browser. This value can also be changed on application startup by passing the /editor or /operatorInterface command line arguments, or programatically using the TestStand API.
  • The TestStand sequence might be using an API call which is editing or saving a sequence file. Those API functions require a development or debug license.