GPIB LabVIEW Code Hangs Indefinitely

Updated Oct 11, 2017

Issue Details

"Normally times out GPIB function when not triggered but now hangs and requires LabVIEW process to be killed"
"Does not process timeout"
"Only occurs if SRQ is asserted on the bus"


In order to get rid of this software hang follow the steps below:

1.) Open NI-MAX and select your GPIB device
2.) Under GPIB Device Settings deselect autopolling
3.) The GPIB code should no longer hang

If the GPIB code is still hanging please contact National Instruments.

Additional Information

This issue was due to a bug introduced in the 488.2 driver and it has been filed with our R&D team. The bug related to the auto-polling done by the driver interfering with SRQs on the bus being processed. You can look for the fix in future versions of the driver under the following number: 670170.


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