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Cable SHC68-NT-S & SHC68-68-RMIO Wire Color to Pinout Mapping

Updated May 8, 2019

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  • SHC68-NT-S
  • SHC68M-68F-RMIO Cable

Issue Details

I have a SHC68-NT-S or a SHC68-68-RMIO cable, and I want to know how the wire colors map to the pin numbers on the connectors.


The wire mappings for the SHC68-68-RMIO and SHC68-NT-S cables can be found below.

The wire list document for the SHC68-68-RMIO contains information such as shielded pairs and color codes. 

Figure1. Analog Input

Figure 2. Analog Output 

Figure 3. Digital I/O

The wire mapping and shielding components for the SHC-68-NT-S can be found below.

Figure 4. SHC-68-NT-S cable pins 1-12

Figure 5. SHC-68-NT-S cable pins 13-24

Figure 6. SHC-68-NT-S cable pins 25-34