Can my PCI-8512 work with DeviceNet?

Updated Aug 24, 2018

Issue Details

I have a PCI-CAN Series 1 card that is able to work with DeviceNet. Will a PCI-CAN Series 2 or an XNET CAN card will be able to work with DeviceNet as well?


No, new CAN interfaces will not work with DeviceNet. Series 1 CAN cards used transceivers that worked interchangeably with CAN and DeviceNet protocols. Unfortunately the transceiver used in Series 2 CAN cards and new NI XNET CAN cards does not conform to the DeviceNet specifications and the driver does not support DeviceNet devices. New CAN interfaces are design for working exclusively for CAN. 

National Instruments now offers DeviceNet specific interfaces to provide full Master and Slave functionality to DeviceNet networks. Reference the link below for additional information.

Additional Information

New DeviceNET specific interfaces such as the PCI-8532 need the NI Industrial Communications for DeviceNet driver to be installed. 


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