Change Precision of CSV Logging in VeriStand UI Manager

Updated Apr 11, 2018

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  • VeriStand

Issue Details

I am using VeriStand UI Manager logging specifications to log data to a csv file from VeriStand. The data is being logged with 3 decimals of precision. How can I change the number of digits logged in a csv file?


The number of digits that is logged to a csv file is fixed at 3 decimal places and is not configurable. To achieve a higher precision, data logging should be done using TDMS files. These files can then be converted into other file types in post-processing if needed using the TDMS excel add on.

Additional Information

Data logging in VeriStand is designed to be done primarily using TDMS files. This file type has several advantages over other data file types

CSV data logging was added into VeriStand UI Manager in version 2015 SP1. However due to its inherent limitations, configuration options remain limited. 


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