Cannot Transfer Permissions from Old License File on VLM

Updated Feb 3, 2020

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I'm applying a new license file to a working Volume License Server. When I apply it, I get the "Transfer Permissions" page saying there isn't an exact match for my software. I want to choose another license, but the "Transfer the permissions to another license" option is greyed out. Why can't I choose this option?


This issue typically occurs when no old licenses use the same model as the new license. For instance, if you update a computer-based license file with a named-user license file, transferring permissions will not be an option, as VLM does not have access to the information associated with the users.

To fix this, choose the "Remove Permissions" option, then manually assign the groups or named-users to the license.

Additional Information

If any of your licenses have multiple users, it is best practice to keep a group updated with all members who need to access that license. This way, licenses can be immediately updated just by adding permissions to the group.