Error -200294 on NI-DAQmx When Performing an Analog Output Task

Updated Aug 22, 2023

Reported In


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am performing an Analog Output Task and getting the following error message:
Error -200294 occurred at DAQmx

Possible reason(s):

Not enough samples were written to satisfy the initial data transfer request condition.

To successfully start a generation, increase the number of samples initially written to the buffer before starting. Alternatively, decrease the number of samples required to start by changing the data transfer request condition.


This can happen if you are accidentally writing an empty array or empty waveform to DAQmx
Try the troubleshooting steps below to pinpoint where this is occuring: 
  1. Turn on Highlight Execution on your Block Diagram and see where the data travels through your DAQmx VI. 
  2. Use the Probe Tool by right-click the wire going into the data input of this VI and select Probe to open the Probe Watch Window. The next time you run your VI, you can look in this window to make sure the data being written is valid.