Can the NI-9237 use Remote Sense and External Excitation?

Updated Jun 14, 2018

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  • NI-9237

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I am using an NI-9237 to measure a bridge-based sensor (or array of sensors) which requires that I use an external excitation source. However, I would like to use the NI-9237's remote sense functionality to correct for lead resistance and voltage fluctuations in my system. Can I use external excitation and remote sense?


Yes, the NI-9237 can use remote sense with an external excitation applied. A common misconception with remote sense is that it is used to amplify or attenuate the voltage signal input to the Vex+/Vex- terminals. The remote sense lines, in fact, measure the voltage at the excitation points of the bridge sensor and use that voltage measurement as a scaling factor on the NI-9237's ADC. Through this approach, any excitation voltage between 2-10 volts can be correctly scaled, in hardware, to compensate for lead resistance and fluctuations.


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