Can cRIO Use Both EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP at the Same Time

Updated May 17, 2018

Issue Details

I am trying to use a compactRIO (cRIO) to communicate with an EtherCAT slave and a third-party controller over Ethernet/IP. Can I do both of these from my cRIO?


Yes, if your cRIO has two Ethernet Ports. 
  • The First Port can be used for Ethernet/IP
  • The Second Port can be used for EtherCAT so that your cRIO is the EtherCAT Master.
  • (optional) Use USB connection to establish connection between your cRIO and development machine.

Additional Information

If you use both ports and do not have a USB connection to your cRIO you will not be able to interact with it from a development machine. You will have to connect to your computer via the first port, make your code a Real Time executable and run it as a startup. Turn off the cRIO unplug the cRIO from the computer and then plug the cRIO into the third party controller. 


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