Can CompactRIO Hardware Use Both EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP at the Same Time

Updated Apr 13, 2023

Issue Details

I am trying to use a compactRIO (cRIO) module to communicate with an EtherCAT slave and a third-party controller over Ethernet/IP. Can I do both of these from my cRIO module?


Yes, if your cRIO module has two Ethernet Ports. 
  • The First Port can be used for Ethernet/IP
    • There will not be a setting in NI-MAX to change the adapter settings to EthernetIP. There are however examples VIs on setting up communications to the device located in the Example Finder after the Industrial Communications for EtherCAT driver is installed. 
  • The Second Port can be used for EtherCAT so that your cRIO module is the EtherCAT Master.
    • There is an option to change the adapter port in NI-MAX for EtherCAT. See the guide  on setting up EtherCAT for a walk-through of how this is done. 
  • (optional) Use USB connection to establish connection between your cRIO module and development machine.

Additional Information

If you use both ports and do not have a USB connection to your cRIO you will not be able to interact with it from a development machine. You will have to connect to your computer via the first port, make your code a Real Time executable and run it as a startup. Turn off the cRIO unplug the cRIO from the computer and then plug the cRIO into the third party controller.