Enable Programmable Filter on National Instruments DAQ Card

Updated Jul 30, 2018

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  • PXI Analog Input Module
  • PXIe-4300

Issue Details

How do I enable the lowpass filter on my National Instruments data acquisition card? What will it's default value be upon activating?


You can enable the filter with a setting found in the DAQmx Channel Property Node, located in the DAQmx Pallet. Navigate into the property tree to: Analog Input » General Properties » Filter » Analog Filter » Lowpass » Enable. 

To find the default value of this, and any property:

  • right click on the property node and select Change All To Write. This will output whatever value is currently held by that property, which will be the default if nothing has been written to it yet.
  • Duplicate the property node by holding CTRL and dragging your previous property node. 
  • Create an Indicator on the output to be able to display that value on your front panel.


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