Effect of Calling UnloadAllModules in TestStand on Other Tests Running with LabVIEW Code

Updated Jul 27, 2018

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  • TestStand 2016

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In my test sequence I am programmatically calling the UnloadAllModules function to unload the LabVIEW code modules it is using.  I also have other tests running in parallel that are using LabVIEW code modules, so will calling UnloadAllModules have any effect on my other units under test?


Yes, calling the UnloadAllModules function in a step of any sequence that is running will unload all LabVIEW code modules currently in use by every test that is executing within TestStand.  Calling this function is not recommended for batch testing where tests are running in parallel as it will affect every test currently executing.

If you have tests that are running one by one in a sequential order then calling this function would not affect the each test that follows.  This is because each time a LabVIEW module is called within a step it reloads the module at that time.


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