TestStand Breakpoint Is Not Working and the Stop Sign Is White in Color

Updated Mar 28, 2023

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When I set breakpoints in the steps of a sequence file, I find that the "STOP" symbol is black-and-white in color, unlike the red color breakpoint (normal) or grey color breakpoint (disabled) . If I run the sequence, the breakpoints will not work; the program does not stop at the breakpoint and it will continue to the next step.


Breakpoints with white color "STOP" symbol indicates the station options setting for breakpoints are disabled.
There are two ways to enable or disable the Station Options setting for breakpoints,

Station Options Settings

In TestStand Sequence Editor Menu bar, go to Configure>>Station Options>>Execution>>Enable Breakpoints. Check the box to enable and uncheck the box to disable.

Programmatic Settings

Use Statement Step, in the Expression box, input the following expression
RunState.Engine.StationOptions.BreakpointsEnabled = True

You can set it to True or False to enable or disable the breakpoints respectively.

Additional Information

In TestStand, you can find breakpoints symbol in three different colors: Red, Grey and White.

Red indicates the breakpoints are enabled.

Grey indicates the breakpoints are disabled for the particular execution only. To enable/disable the breakpoint, right click on the step, go to Breakpoint>>Breakpoint Settings, in the Breakpoint Settings menu, check/uncheck theĀ Set Breakpoint box.

White indicates the breakpoints are disabled for all the executions.