NI Training Video Audio Issues in Edge

Updated Apr 17, 2018

Issue Details

I teach a LabVIEW Academy course and we use the LabVIEW Core 1 and LabVIEW Core 2 self-paced online training videos in the course. One of my students recently experienced some weird behavior with the audio on some of these videos. She was using the Edge browser to view the videos. When she attempted to watch a video there was no audio. Any ideas what could have caused this behavior?


Edge is currently not one of the recommended browsers for the NI training videos.

The recommended browser is Internet Explorer 8.0 for an optimal experience. However, your web browser program can be either Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.6 (includes MAC), Chrome 4, or Safari 4. NOTE: these are older versions of these browser programs and newer versions are not supported.


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