Wire Mapping for SHC68-68-RDIO and SHC68-C68-RDIO2

Updated Dec 29, 2022

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  • SHC68-C68-RDIO2
  • SHC68-68-RDIO

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Where can I find a wire map for the SHC68-68-RDIO and the SHC68-C68-RDIO2 cables?


The wire mappings for the SHC68-68-RDIO and SHC68-C68-RDIO2 cables can be found below. 
The wire list document for the SHC68-68-RDIO contains information such as shielded pairs and color codes. Note that all DGND lines are internally connected within the cable.

Group A of the SHC68-68-RDIO

Group B of the SHC68-68-RDIO

Group C of the SHC68-68-RDIO

The wire mapping and shielding components for the SHC-68-C68-RDIO2 can be found below. The ground lines are internally connected on the SHC-68-C68-RDIO2 cable.

Pins 1 to 34 of the SHC68-C68-RDIO2

Pin 35 to 68 of the SHC68-C68-RDIO2 ​