DIAdem VIEW Map Display Area Doesn't Update

Updated Sep 5, 2018

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  • DIAdem


Internet Explorer 11

Issue Details

I'm trying to scroll or zoom in the MAP of a DIAdem VIEW Map Display Area. When I scroll, sections of the map aren't updated. When I zoom in or out, the whole map doesn't display until I go back to the original zoom level. How do I get my map to display correctly?


  1. Check your internet or network connection. The maps are pulled from online and stored in a local cache <National Instruments>\DIAdem 20XX\Documents\. If you don't have an active internet connection, DIAdem can't get new Map data outside of the original range.
  2. Ensure that your Internet Explorer has access to the domain www.openstreetmap.com, this is the directory the maps are pulled from. Internet Explorer could be blocking access to this site on specific networks even if you have internet access.
  3. Update Internet Explorer to version 11 or later.

Additional Information

You can also store maps to the local DIAdem Map cache. This has to be done with an active internet connection because maps are pulled from online and stored on the local computer in the DIAdem map cache.
  1. Right-click on your Display Area and select Display... 
  2. Check Save map data in cache to save images from the online map to the local cache.

  1. Interactively pan the map to the locations you want to see while offline. You'll need to do this for each different zoom level you'd like to see.


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