Using a VI in TestStand

Updated Oct 13, 2023



  • TestStand
  • LabVIEW

I have created a LabVIEW VI and have already set up the connector pane with inputs and outputs. I want to be able to use this VI in TestStand, but I'm not sure how.

In order to use a VI in TestStand, follow these steps:

1. Add an Action step to a sequence

2. With the Action selected, choose the Module tab in Step Settings

3. Point to your VI using the VI Path field:

4. You can now see the connector pane and enter values for the inputs and outputs. 

Additional Information

You can enter numbers or strings into the Value field, or you can enter variable names. If you want to create a variable, you can type in a name, right-click the text-field, and choose "Create "Locals.variable name" where variable name is what you called your variable. There are other options as well such as creating the variable as a Parameter.

More information can be found in the TestStand LabVIEW Adapter Help page.