How to Activate National Instruments EtherNet/IP Driver and Include It in a LabVIEW Installer?

Updated Oct 29, 2020



  • LabVIEW


  • NI-Industrial Communications for Ethernet/IP

If I purchase NI-Industrial Communications for EtherNetIP, how will I activate the driver?
Additionally, because it needs to be activated per computer, can I include it in LabVIEW installers?

This driver, like other NI software and toolkits, is activated with a serial number upon install or first launch. Upon launch, the activation wizard will produce the following prompt, where you can enter the serial number you received upon purchasing NI EtherNet/IP driver.

You can include the EtherNet/IP driver in a LabVIEW installer, if you would like to install it on a second computer running your executable. You do not need any additional license to deploy your executable or installer with Ethernet/IP driver. However, standard Named-User or Computer-Based licensing options applies when using the Ethernet/IP driver in VI format.

An example of how to include NI drivers in your installers is shown in this tutorial of Creating an NI-DAQmx Application Installer.