Archived:How Do I Connect a PCI-6508/6509 to an ER-8/16 and Access the Unused Digital Lines?

Updated Jun 21, 2019

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  • PCIe-6509
  • Relay Accessory for DIO Devices
  • ER-8/16 POD
  • PXI-6509
  • PCI-6509
  • USB-6509
  • SC-2054
  • Digital I/O Device

Issue Details

I found documentation on how to connect a PCI-6508 (PCI-DIO-96) to an ER-8/16, but how do I access the rest of the digital lines? How would I make these connections with an PCI(e)-6509?


The pinout of the PCI-6508 is identical to the PCI(e)-6509, so the setup for both cards is the same. In order to connect the digital board to the ER-8/16, you must use an R1005050 or SH1005050(shielded) cable, an SC-2054, and an NB1 cable. To access the unused digital lines, you must add two additional CB-50s, along with two additional NB1 cables (See Figure 1). The ER-8/16 will require an external 5V power supply because the SC-2054 does not preserve a 5V connection to the module. The 5V pin from the digital board will suffice, but you will have to wire from one of the CB-50s in order to use it.

Figure 1- Connection diagram for the PCI(e)-6509 and ER-8/16


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