Cannot Detect PXI(e) Peripheral Modules in MAX

Updated Oct 14, 2019

Reported In


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)


  • PXI Platform Services

Issue Details

When I expand Devices and Interfaces in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX), my PXI(e) peripheral modules are not listed or detected in their slot, are not recognized or missing, or appear with a red x.


Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve this issue. 
  1. Install PXI Platform Services. If it is already installed, make sure it is a compatible version.
    1. Identify compatible versions by cross-referencing the hardware model and operating system compatibility.
  1.  Use MAX to identify the version installed.
If the PXI Platform Services version is not compatible,
1.    Power down the computer, then the PXI(e) chassis.
2.    Power on the computer and install the compatible version of PXI Platform Services
  1. Make sure you installed the compatible device drivers for all peripheral modules.
    1. Check the Readme for your peripheral module to identify what drivers you need. Confirm the peripheral module model and operating system are supported.
    2. Download the device driver on NI Driver Downloads
For third party hardware, make sure the hardware driver supports VISA. If the driver does not, then you will not see the hardware in MAX.
  1. Make sure the peripheral module is inserted in a compatible slot.
  1. Isolate the issue to the module or the slot.
    1. Test the non-working peripheral module on another slot of the same type in the PXI(e) chassis.
    2. Test the non-working peripheral module on a new PXI(e) chassis of the same model number. Place the module in the same slot number as the original non-working slot. 
    3. Test with another peripheral module of the same module number in the non-working slot.
    4. Switch the non-working peripheral module for another module that is already recognized in another slot of the same type.
Module Issue 
Follow the steps outlined in DAQ Device or Module Does Not Appear in LabVIEW And/Or MAX.
Slot Issue
1.    Power down the computer, then the PXI(e) chassis.
2.    Reset the MAX database
3.    Contact NI Support.


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