How to Remove PXI(e) Card from Chassis

Updated Oct 24, 2020



  • PXI Chassis

How do I remove a PXI(e) card from the chassis?

Ensure you check the following when removing a PXI(e) card from a chassis:
  1. Power off the chassis.
  2. Unscrew the top retaining screw until it is lose in its socket
  3. Check for a screw on the bottom of the card underneath the black latch. Remove this screw if present. Note that these screws can be difficult to see but are critical to remove to avoid damage.
  4. Apply downward pressure on the black latch. This will move the PXI(e) outward from the slot. This latch may take a fair amount of force to actuate. 
  5. When the latch reaches the full-down position, remove the card by hand with constant outward force.

Additional Information

To replace a PXI(e) card, follow these same steps in reverse.

You may find that the Ethernet status lights remain on in the PXI(e) Controller after the PXI(e) Chassis is powered off. Even if these lights continue to blink, it is safe to remove the cards from the chassis.