Interchange Hard Disks Between Two HDD-8265 While Still Having Intact Data

Updated Apr 21, 2023

Reported In


  • HDD-8265
  • RAID Array


  • RAID 0
  • RAID 6

Issue Details

I currently have two HDD-8265 RAID chassis and only one is slotted full with hard disks. Can I reuse all the hard disks from one HDD-8265 by moving it to the other chassis and have the previous data still intact? Do I need to do a RAID configuration again on the second chassis?


The hard disks can be reused from one HDD-8265 RAID chassis to the other HDD-8265. However, you will need to configure both of them to the same RAID setting using the exact same hard disks once in the beginning.

Afterwards, you can then interchange the hard disks between the two HDD-8265 while still maintaining the data inside. Slotting the disks into different locations at the chassis will also not corrupt the data.