Error -1074118653: Insufficient On-Board Memory for NI Digitizers

Updated Aug 11, 2022

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  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

Why do I get Error -1074118653 like below figure 1 when I try to specify a large number in the Record Length field?

Figure 1. Error -1074118653


The maximum value allowable for Record Length will depend on the internal memory size of your digitizer. The property node Horizontal -> Memory Size will tell you how many bytes are available on your card. This memory size is shared across all channels, and must be divided by the number of bits of resolution your digitizer (for example, an 8-bit digitizer will require 1 byte/channel of Memory Size.

Additional Information

If this memory size is not big enough for a full record, it is possible to set your record size to larger and fetch the record in chunks. See the NI Scope EX Fetch In Chunks shipping example to do this.

If you have a multi-record acquisition that has so many records that you run into this error, it is also possible to request more records than will fit in memory. See the NI Scope EX Multi Record Fetch More Than Available Memory shipping example to do this.