NI DAQ Signal Names Meanings, Definitions and Descriptions

Updated Nov 15, 2019

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  • Analog Output Device


  • NI-DAQmx

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What are the definitions for the signal names for my E Series (60xxE), S Series (61xx), M Series (62xx), X Series (63xx) or Analog Output series (67xx) data acquisition card and where I can find them?


The I/O connector signal descriptions can be found in the help file for the specific series of card.

I/O Connector Signal Description Locations:

Common Signal Name Definitions: Please refer to following table.

In NRSE mode, the reference for each Analog Input signal is AI SENSE.
Programmable Function Interface - Each of these terminals can be individually configured as a PFI terminal or a digital I/O terminal. As an input, each PFI terminal can be used to supply an external source for AI, AO, DI, and DO timing signals or counter/timer inputs. As a PFI output, you can route many different internal AI, AO, DI, or DO timing signals to each PFI terminal. You also can route the counter/timer outputs to each PFI terminal.
As an output, this pin emits the ao/SampleClock signal. A high-to-low transition of this signal indicates a new sample is being generated.
Frequency Output Signal—This output is from the frequency generator. 
This pin is used to control some NI accessories. EXT STROBE is an output-only signal that generates either a single pulse or a sequence of eight pulses in the hardware-strobe mode. An external device can use this signal to latch signals or to trigger events.